Here at Secret Atlas we believe small ship cruises are the perfect way to experience the Arctic. Find out below why you should consider a cruise on a small expedition vessel to Svalbard or Greenland over a traditional cruise ship.

1. Micro Group Sizes

Travelling with a small number of explorers ensures a more personal and intimate voyage than a larger ship can offer. See how it compares below.

Average Number of Passengers per Voyage

Small Expedition Vessel

small expedition ships passengers per voyage

Cruise Ship

average passengers for an arctic cruise ship

2. A Richer Experience

Shore landings are the essence of an expedition cruise. On a small expedition vessel you will land with just a handful of other explorers. You will experience the wilderness in a tiny, personal group with an excellent guide to guest ratio.

Average Number of Passengers per Shore Landing

Small Expedition Vessel

small expedition vessel average number of passengers per landing.jpg

Cruise Ship

cruise ship average number-of passengers per landing

3. Smaller Ship Size

Expedition Sailing Yacht vs Cruise Ship
expedition sailing yacht versus a cruise ship
Expedition Motor Yacht vs Cruise Ship
expedition motor yacht compared to a cruise ship
Tall Ship vs Cruise Ship
tall ship compared to a cruise ship

4. Reduced Environmental Impact

Due to their more compact size, small expedition vessels create less disturbance to the wildlife.

In most cases small expedition vessels offer much lower emissions than larger vessels.

A boat under sail creates the least disturbance for wildlife, the least emissions and is the best option for the environmentally conscious traveller.

5. Expedition Micro Cruises Get You Closer To Nature

A huge benefit of a small expedition ship is that it takes you closer to the fantastic nature you came to see.

Small expedition vessels have increased manoeuvrability than larger ships and can get nearer to glacier faces, enter shallow bays and provide a more intimate platform for wildlife watching.

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